What Now?

          I hate it when people nag me into doing something and in the end they’re the ones who will cancel the plan during the last minute. That’s why I don’t expect too much because I know that it will just lead me to disappointments. I know that you can relate to what I’m feeling when there’s this moment in your life wherein you are excited about doing something and it just doesn’t push through. It sucks! I know I shouldn’t feel angry towards that person because I don’t have the right to. I just feel bad knowing that everything’s settled but the person who initiated the idea suddenly backs out. I hate it when things like this happen.

          Sure I know they also have their own plans but what about me? Letting me wait for half a day before they can give me a confirmation. I just don’t get it why people don’t say things straight to the point that they can’t make it and let you wait for hours before they can finally say it. If they had informed me earlier, I could’ve done something productive and not wasted my time doing nothing.

          Sorry for the sudden outburst but I feel the need to release the frustration that I’m feeling. I know that I didn’t consider the other party but I guess this just shows that communication is really important. Conveying the message clearly greatly helps in avoiding misunderstandings.

          So what’s the point? Don’t expect too much, communication is important, and don’t waste your time and other people’s time.