Beware of Unknown Numbers

Hey guys! It’s been light years since I last posted here. Oh my! Time flies by too quickly. I noticed that my not that recent posts are all about relationships. Hmm… I think that I should write about another topic but, what? I think I’ll let you in something I’ve been pissed off about during the last week.

Recently, an unknown number has been texting me. He knows my name and my location. He scared the hell out of me. How did I know that he’s a he? Well, I called the number using another number and the rest is history.

I didn’t really intend on replying but I’m really curious of the person behind the number. I thought the one texting me was just another friend of mine playing a prank on me. I asked him where he got my number and he said that he got it from a local newspaper. He said I was looking for a textmate. Excuse me??? I’m a very private person. I’m not the kind of person to post my private number in a newspaper and to look for a textmate at that. I don’t even give out my number to people who ask for my number when I just talked to them once or they were just introduced by my friends and especially to strangers.

He sent me gross messages. Shit! I was really annoyed by this and I stopped replying to his text messages. I think that you guys should be really careful with whoever you are talking to especially if you don’t know them personally. People who send gross messages really get on my nerves.

If you’re the kind of person who talks about sex on text, please stop! You’re annoying, disrespectful and last but not the least a big douche bag. I don’t want to sound mean but this is what I really feel towards people who do this kind of thing. I hope you will get clear thoughts so that you will know that you’re wasting the time of other people. Send a text message to yourself instead. It’s possible and it prevents you from pissing off other people. If it’s a form of satisfaction for your part, think again! The other party is not satisfied at all unless he/she wants to receive those kinds of messages.

If you’re a victim of this, just ignore. Don’t reply anymore. Block the incoming messages or calls from the number or better yet, replace your number. Trust me! When you don’t block the number, they will still send you text messages. I know it’s not good to receive this kind of messages. It’s not funny and not amusing at all.

Everyone, beware of unknown numbers who text you out of the blue. It’s a good thing if they are the people whom you’ve lost contact with over the years but if they are strangers, think again. You don’t want to let people into your lives that easily. You don’t know the harm that they may bring to you, your friends and your family. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Have a nice day guys! Keep safe! =)