What Would You Do?

For the Boys,


What would you do when a girl confessed to you that she likes you?

Would you be taken aback?

Would you run away?

Would you tell her that you like her too even if you really don’t feel the same way?

Or would you be that person to sincerely tell her that you feel the same way too?

It’s something to think about.


For the Girls,


What would you do when a boy confessed to you that he likes you?

Would you be confused about what that LIKE really means?

Would you feel awkward and stop having conversations with him?

Or are you the type of girl to just laugh it off as if you heard it as a joke?

Or would you be the person to tell him let’s give it a try?

It’s something to ponder about, huh?



What am I saying?

It’s like I’m traipsing.


Just random thoughts on my mind.

Nothing hurts right?