Relationship Cycle: It’s Complicated

Strangers –> Friends –> mutual understanding –> in a relationship –> break up –> Bitter –> Strangers.

This is the typical cycle that people in relationships follow. But what if you skip one stage like skipping out being in a relationship? From mutual understanding, your relationship became complicated and you became bitter with each other and now you’re back to square one. There are really things in life that seems complicated but it’s not if you look closely at it. Sometimes things like this really happen. Especially if one doesn’t have the courage to admit his/her feelings toward the other person.

To make this simple I will use letter A to represent the girl and the letter B to represent the guy. The problem starts when one person becomes sweet with the other without the intention of giving false hopes to that person. Let’s say that B is the one who is all being too sweet to A. A interprets the gestures that B is giving her as signals that he likes her. A starts to assume that B likes her and she starts to develop feelings for him but the truth is B doesn’t really feel anything for her.

I notice that this is what happens to girls and guys everywhere. The lack of courage to say what he/she feels is what complicates things. So I think having that courage to confess to that person that you like him/her is very important so that you will be able to avoid destroying the present relationship that you have with that person. If you don’t have any feelings for that person, you should make things clear from the very beginning to avoid misunderstandings.

To avoid being bitter and end up with being strangers again, be sincere, honest and frank. I know it’s difficult to say to that other person that you don’t have any feelings for them but it’s better than to keep that person hanging from a cliff.