Friendship (Thai Movie) – Review

Hey guys! I just finished watching a Thai movie entitled Friendship. I really wanted to watch this movie so I really made it a point to grab my own copy. I admit that I want to watch this movie because of Mario Maurer. But after watching the movie, I learned to appreciate the other characters of the movie as well. So here’s the storyline of the movie before I give you my review.


Adult Singha (Jetrin Wattanasin) receives a call from Jack, a friend from school. Jack sets up a high school reunion where young Singha (Mario Maurer) meets with the rest of his buddies from back in the day, including Song (the owner of a grocery shop), Kanda (Song’s wife, a chubby lady who thinks she’s so fierce), Jud Duang (a famous actor), Pong (a DJ who loves to tell horror stories) and Jack (a cool, artistic tomboy who works a stylist for a top magazine) When the entire bunch meets again, it brings back a lot of fun memory. The conversation goes on until Singha starts talking about his first and only love, Mituna (Apinya Sakuljaroensuk), a new student who transferred during the last year. Singha’s memory about Mituna is weaved into a story once again. (credits to asianwiki)

I really didn’t pay much attention to the beginning of the film because I thought it was kind of boring. But when I got to the part wherein the old Singha started to reminisce, that’s the time wherein I became attentive. There are parts of the film that are funny, sad and you will really feel what the characters are feeling. I guess some of the artists portrayed their character well. It was really a sad ending seeing that Mituna died. Mituna, after being raped by 3 guys caught HIV and she only got to meet Singha again once. Such a tragic ending but such a good story. I recommend that you guys watch this movie with your friends. I rate this movie 8 points out of 10. 🙂


The Host—–>Movie Trailer

I’ve been browsing for movie trailers on youtube and I stumbled upon the “official” trailer of The Host. Is this really for real??? Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for this. For those who hasn’t read the book yet, it’s a novel written by Stephenie Meyer. Our world has been invaded by an unseen enemy that takes over the mind of human hosts. Melanie, one of the remaining humans is captured and Wanderer, the invading soul, is the “soul” placed on Melanie’s body.I’ve read the book last 2010 and I think it’s better than the Twilight saga.

Here’s the trailer. 🙂