Hi everyone! This is my first post after my hiatus. It’s been a year since I’ve blogged about something interesting. Hahaha. Well, this is one of the backlog posts I haven’t posted yet.

We had a theme day at work and each team needs a representative to dress up like models of their catalogue (I’m working for a direct/retail store..shhh) The winning team will win gift certificates.

I was chosen to be one of the “models” that will represent our team. We had four seasons to choose from, and we chose fall. Here is a copy of our entry. By the way, I’m the one wearing brown pants. Hihi!


(top: thrifted, pants: no apologies,scarf:borrowed, boots: thrifted)


Here is one of our awkward moments during the shoot. Sorry, this one is a bit blurry. I’m guessing this one was taken using Chel’s phone.


Unfortunately, we did not win the contest. But the second photo was printed out in a tarp and was hanged across the floor together with the other entries. How cool is that eh? LOL. Tho I’m hoping the first one is the one that got printed. Hahaha 

CYMERA_20140118_123454My thrifted booties. 🙂

That’s it for today folks! Till my next post? 🙂 


Night Out with My Loves :)

This is really an outdated post. Should’ve posted this last March but due to my busy schedule (I was a graduating student), I wasn’t able to. Sorry guys.

Last March 20, 2013, I spent the whole night with my friends and my baby. March was really a busy month for me. So many requirements and deadlines and so many things to finish for me to be able to graduate in time. Good thing I was able to squeeze this into my busy schedule.

Mary Rose Grand Carnival was our first stop. Carnivals often pop up in Naga City whenever there are special occassions, like the Peñafrancia Fiesta.

They also have an admission ticket. Cute! Looks like a movie pass you see in old movies.

While waiting for my baby. Candid!

We took a quick pic before we entered the carnival. I really love this pic. We are all smiles. 🙂

Here are some pics of the rides available.

My baby looks like an action star here!

I convinced my baby to ride the roller coaster with me. I’m really proud of him. His face was pale and his hands were really cold after the ride. I was really worried. Good thing, he conquered his fear.

Picture with the gang!

Uh oh! There are no tricycles nor padyaks in the area. -__- Planning to hitch a ride on this truck! Hahaha

There are no people around so we took the opportunity to take some pictures.

EPIC FAIL jump shot! Hahaha! It was fun, though.

Next stop, M.Bargo Grill!

Inuman na! 🙂

With the girls. 🙂

With my baby. 🙂 Sorry if the pic is blurry. Maybe Kim was tipsy while taking the shot. Hahaha.

Credits to my friend,  Antonette for the pictures!

Okay guys! I’ll end my post here. Thanks for reading my post even though it was outdated. Hahaha. Till next time! xoxo, Jill

Tinagba Adventure Part II

Hey there! This is the part two of our Tinagba Festival adventure. As I have promised, I will show you more pictures. Here it is.:)

We asked some dancers if we could take pictures with them and they agreed with us. Aww, they’re so sweet. It’s like we’ve been long time friends.


They remind me of the popular game, Angry Birds.





Along the way, we saw some familiar faces.


I have so many more pictures to show you, but some of them are really funny so I better not upload them. It’s really fun to experience these kinds of activities especially if you’re with your loved ones and friends. Don’t forget to comment if you have any ideas running through your minds. You can also paste the link of your blogs and I will try to read all of them.
See you soon! Take care.

xx, Jill

Tinagba Adventure Part I

(I should have written about this event and some of the succeeding posts that will follow last February but I wasn’t able to because I’m busy in school.)


Last February 11, 2012, Iriga City held the annual Tinagba Festival. The theme of this year’s celebration is Fesitval of Festivals so they invited different street dancers from different parts of Bicol to compete.


During the morning, I was in Naga City because I still have one class to attend to.  I didn’t want to miss out in class so I decided that I will just travel to Iriga after my class is finished. So, my friends and I decided to meet up at the patio near our high school so that it’ll be easier for us to see each other knowing that the city will be flooded by many visitors from different parts of the region and knowing that there are also some famous Filipino artists like Derek Ramsey and Xian Lim that will be present during the occasion, we anticipated that people will flock to the Iriga Plaza Hotel to get a glimpse at these handsome people.


Here we are at the patio.


Here is a picture of us outside the hotel waiting to catch a glimpse of some artists.

There were so many contestants and their costumes were very colorful. It was so fun watching them dance on the street. I already experienced street dancing when we were in fourth year high school. It was so tiring but it was also fun. It was an unforgettable experience because we got to dance in front of so many people and we were wearing costumes that were reminiscent of the retro era. I think you should try it too.

Here are some of the colorful contestants.




There were also floats. I particularly like this one.


I will create a separate post for the other pictures that we’ve taken. Credits to Anne, Gilma, Rose and Jocel for the pictures .

So, how’s your day been going?

xx, Jill