Hi everyone! This is my first post after my hiatus. It’s been a year since I’ve blogged about something interesting. Hahaha. Well, this is one of the backlog posts I haven’t posted yet.

We had a theme day at work and each team needs a representative to dress up like models of their catalogue (I’m working for a direct/retail store..shhh) The winning team will win gift certificates.

I was chosen to be one of the “models” that will represent our team. We had four seasons to choose from, and we chose fall. Here is a copy of our entry. By the way, I’m the one wearing brown pants. Hihi!


(top: thrifted, pants: no apologies,scarf:borrowed, boots: thrifted)


Here is one of our awkward moments during the shoot. Sorry, this one is a bit blurry. I’m guessing this one was taken using Chel’s phone.


Unfortunately, we did not win the contest. But the second photo was printed out in a tarp and was hanged across the floor together with the other entries. How cool is that eh? LOL. Tho I’m hoping the first one is the one that got printed. Hahaha 

CYMERA_20140118_123454My thrifted booties. 🙂

That’s it for today folks! Till my next post? 🙂 


Fishtail Braid:)

Hi everyone! So, I tried to do the fish tail or the fish bone that they are saying. I practiced my ‘amazing’ skills on my friend, Hennie.

Look at my cute work of art.


This is how my first try looked like.


This is my second try.

Did you find it cute but don’t know how to do it? Here are the steps on how you can make this do.


Step One: Divide your detangled, second-day hair into two equal sections.

Step Two: Hold the righthand section in your right hand. With your left hand, take a thin strand of hair from the outside of the lefthand section, cross it over, and add it to the inside of the righthand section.

Step Three: Do the same thing on the other side: that is, hold the lefthand section in your left hand, use your right hand to take a thin strand of hair from the outside of the right hand section, cross it over, and add it to the inside of the lefthand section.  If the strands keep slipping then running some mousse or styling wax through your hair will fix this problem in a jiffy.

Summer is fast approaching  so if you’re gonna hit the beach, then this is the perfect do for your hair. 🙂

I know, I know it’s not perfect but it’s worth a try. I wish I could’ve done better but the picture above is what it turned out to be. I’ll practice more so that I can perfect my craft. Haha. So, how’s your day?

XX, Jilliane