20 Things About Me

Hello guys! Here are some pretty obvious facts about me. Hahaha


1. I’m Jilliane Marie Arandia, people call me Jill, Iane, Yan and Yani.

2. I like reading books, watching movies, listening to music, eating, blogging, photography and fashion (though I’m not that fashionable).

3. I like to eat fries, pizza and chicken. I hate bitter gourd.

4. I hate it when people touch my food (esp. chicken skin) Hahaha

5. I dream to travel the world someday.

6. I’m not sporty. I prefer quality time with my bed. LOL

7. I like writing letters.

8. I hate big rats, spiders and snakes. Oh! And anything slimy! Eek!

9. I like to sing. I don’t dance.

10. Low pain tolerance.

11. Night owl.

12. Listening to music calms my nerves.

13. I’m not afraid of heights. I’m afraid of falling.

14. During a conversation. I tend to listen more.

15. Very low level of patience.

16. I’d rather be alone than be with someone who is not mentally there.

17. I like cuddling and I’m a sucker for hugs!

18. When I’m quiet, I’m thinking or should I say over thinking

19. I write to release stress.

20. I love my baby. 🙂




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