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To my beloved readers, I’m really sorry for the sudden change of blog domain. Because of the constant nagging of my sister, I changed my blog domain from into I hope that you like how it sounds now. My sister and her friend said that red scrunchie is hard to pronounce and it doesn’t sound good. Please forgive me for the inconvenience. If you would like to comment about this topic, please feel free to do so. Thanks! Have a good day everyone:)

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Nobody Knows-Movie Review

Can you imagine your own mother leaving you in charge of your little brothers and sisters in search for her own happiness? I think not.

We watched a movie in our Humanities class entitled Nobody Knows.  It was screened in the Cannes Film Festival last 2004 and the lead actor bagged the Best Actor Award.  The story revolves around Akira Fukushima and his siblings.


Here is the storyline for you to be able to get a glimpse of the story.


In Tokyo, the reckless single mother Keiko moves to a small apartment with her twelve years old son Akira Fukushima and hidden in the luggage, his siblings Kyoko, Shigeru and Yuki. The children have different fathers and do not have schooling, but they have a happy life with their mother. When Keiko finds a new boyfriend, she leaves the children alone, giving some money to Akira and assigning him to take care of his siblings. When the money finishes, Akira manages to find means to survive with the youngsters without power supply, gas or water at home, and with the landlord asking for the rental.


The film is very simple. But because of its simplicity it becomes beautiful. The story is very dragging at the first half especially if you don’t like scenes that feels like it doesn’t makes sense at all. The film lacks exciting moments and action so it may turn the viewers away. But while watching the movie, I was absorbed by the performance of the children who really portrayed their roles well.

The film is at times sweet, funny, warm and at most times heartbreaking. The dialogue is simple yet meaningful. It was filmed in a documentary and realist style and it allows the viewers to see the things happening in the eyes of the children. It shows how courageous and innocent the children are and it shows their maturity despite of their age. It also shows how adults can be selfish and childish at times.

It’s a great film to watch. You can learn many things from it. For those people who don’t like slowly-paced films, I rather not recommend this movie.

For the movie nobody knows, I will give it eight scrunchies out of 10.

Movie Reviews

I’ve been watching Asian movies lately and I’m thinking of making reviews of each movie. I hope I can create a post in the nearest possible future. I cannot promise that I can post immediately all my reviews of the movies that I watched because I’m attending summer class. Studies first before movies. Anyways, I’m planning to post on weekends. By the way, thanks for dropping by. 🙂